Battlefleet Gothic

The Relief of Port NoR

The Relief of Port Nor

It is one of the darkest hours of the Gothic War. Among the many Imperial worlds besieged by Abbadon and his Chaos fleets is Nor Primus. This world is significant due to the vast array of orbital naval facilities, collectively known as Port Nor. While this complex of dock yards, graving docks, and warehouse platforms is dwarfed by the much larger facilities of Port Maw,  Port Nor nonetheless is a critical node in the Imperial Navy’s logistical network that supports vital patrols in this hotly contested sub-sector. The Imperium can ill-afford to lose Port Nor and its capabilities to the powers of Chaos!  Admiral Ravensburg himself has authorized a relief mission in an attempt to crack the Chaos blockade and keep the world in Imperial hands.

Will you join the fight to save Port Nor from Abbadon’s clutches, or will you join with the Heretics who seek to liberate the citizens of Nor Primus from the thrall of the False Emperor?

Beware, no matter which you choose, the coming battle will be fierce, and it just may attract the attention of certain interested parties that may seek to intervene for their own purposes.

Game Type: This scenario will be played as a variant of the Planetary Assault mission from the BFG rulebook.

Forces: The man forces will be an Imperial and a Chaos fleet. The Chaos fleet will be set up to defend a planet, while the Imperial force will be assaulting it. The exact play roles will depend on the number of players involved. If there are only 2, then one player will have all Imperial forces, while the other will have all Chaos forces. Those roles can then be further subdivided; for example with 3 players there can be a Chaos commander, an Imperial fleet commander, and an Imperial convoy commander that is in charge of the troop transports. In this way, I can support up to 6 players, with another 2 participants acting as the overall commanders in chief for the two respective sides.

Table Size: 4’x6’, played from the short edges.

Length: This will be a long game, I would hazard. Probably 5-6 hours, especially if the players are unfamiliar with BFG.