Warhammer: 6th Ed

Warhammer 6th Edition Tournament

The search for Indin Von Jonas at Call to Arms


The search for Indin Von Jonas is a 2000 point Narrative Warhammer fantasy 6th edition event taking place on October 9 at Call to Arms 2022 in Williamsburg Va.
The famed explorer Indin Von Joans has reported has gone missing after discovering a ancient magical tome. Powerful hero’s from the northern chaos wastes to deep in the jungles of Lustria begin their search for the famed explorer.

Bring your painted 2000 point Warhammer 6th edition army to explore the Warhammer world and battle others trying to obtain this lost tome.
Up to 10 Players will play 3 1vs1 games starting at 8 am each game will last 2 and a half hours with a lunch break after the first game.

No entry fee besides paying the cost of the convention pass.

There will be prizes for best painted Character and most thematic army. More information will be coming soon and any questions please ask.