Gaslands: Carnage City



Day 1: October 7th
“Welcome to Carnage City / Driver’s Ed.”
Time: 1PM until Shutdown

A stripped down version of the game play to better acquaint
new players with game mechanics and a fun start that skilled &
experienced players can enjoy as well.

Day 2:     October 8th
Time: 10AM until shutdown
(Lunch break at 12-1PM)
(Dinner break at 6 PM- 7PM)

“Carnage City Death Race Cup”

Starting the games off around 10am with one 25-Can Death Race,
after lunch around 1PM we continue onto the finals with the 25 can builds and
proceed onto the 50 can finals.
After dinner break at 6PM, bring the toughest builds as we continue onto the
“All-Star 50 Can Death Race” until the evening ends.
Team builds limited up to 2 Cars per race.

Day 3: October 9th
10AM until 2PM
“The Monster Lives”

A custom made co-op car battle against the
wasteland robot monster and it’s minions.
A max of 8 players are allowed due to time constraints, so first come/first to play.

Join/watch the fun as we see who can survive the arena with the metal eating
beast of destruction!