About Us

SETGO, the South Eastern Tabletop Gaming Organization, stands at the forefront of fostering a vibrant tabletop gaming community in the heart of Hampton Roads, Virginia. As avid enthusiasts ourselves, we recognize the power of shared experiences and the joy that tabletop gaming brings. Our mission is to bring people together through the magic of dice rolls, strategic moves, and epic battles!

Embark on a gaming adventure with us at our flagship event, “Call to Arms.” Held annually in the vibrant hues of fall, this gaming convention is a celebration of all things tabletop. From classic board games to intricate role-playing sessions, Call to Arms is a haven for gamers seeking excitement and connection. Immerse yourself in a weekend filled with tournaments, demos, and a bustling marketplace showcasing the latest and greatest in tabletop gaming.

At SETGO, inclusivity is our cornerstone. We are committed to creating spaces that embrace diversity and welcome gamers from all walks of life. Through organized play, workshops, and community outreach, we strive to break down barriers and make tabletop gaming accessible to everyone.


At SETGO, we believe in the transformative power of gaming. We envision a thriving community where players of all ages and backgrounds come together to share their love for tabletop games. Our goal is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment that encourages camaraderie, creativity, and the joy of friendly competition.


SETGO believes in the power of collaboration. We actively partner with local organizations to amplify the impact of our events. By forging alliances with businesses, schools, and other gaming groups, we aim to create a network that strengthens the entire gaming community. Together, we build bridges that connect gamers and provide opportunities for growth, learning, and fun.