Star Wars Armada

Star Wars Armada

Find us all weekend at Table #10

Star Wars Armada is a tabletop game where players assume the role of commander for one of the iconic factions of the galaxy far, far away. Taking Han Solo’s classic line of “Fly Casual” to heart, the games will be focused on introducing new players to the game as well as recreating a few iconic scenes for veteran players.

Format: The basic game is a simple scenario, adjustable for anywhere from 2 to 9 players as a rebel cell launches a daring hit-and-run raid on an Imperial patrol!

For veteran players, we’re also offering a challenge game. Players will be randomly assigned 1 of 3 pre-made 200 point Rebel or Imperial lists and will have to jump straight into the action, testing their tactical skills as they are forced to adapt.

(Tentative) Time permitting, there will be an exhibition game between veteran players recreating the Battle over Endor as the Rebel Alliance faces off against the Imperial Fleet led by a Super Star Destroyer!