The Rogue DM Events

We are proud to be hosting several events from the Rogue DM! These events will all be free! Can you believe it?? The specifics of each game will be forthcoming, but don’t miss your chance to jump into some professionally run D&D!

Two Great Rogue DM Games on Saturday! 

The First

The party learns that a chaos-worshiping sorcerer named Raxis has overtaken a floating tower and has re-purposed it to house the Severing Construct – an arcane artifact capable of draining magic from the world. Through it, Raxis intends to make himself the sole magic wielder in the realm. The party must make haste to the storm-wrapped Sky Tower, clear out Raxis’s minions, and finally eliminate the mad sorcerer. This game is designed for 4-6 experienced players of level 12. Pre-generated characters will be available.

The Second

Adventurers!!!! Your patron, Lord Sewastian Strak, has gone missing, Foul play is suspected. Gather your gear for adventure and excitement. This game is designed for players new to D&D and experienced players of level 4. Pre-generated characters will be available on site.

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